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Miami Beach Career Center

In order to deliver a comprehensive range of workforce development services to Miami Beach residents and residents of nearby communities, UNIDAD operates the Miami Beach Career Center in partnership with South Florida Workforce and the City of Miami Beach.

Our service goal for the Career Center is:

To connect employers with job-seekers, and to provide job seekers with training opportunities andaccess to employment opportunities, so that Miami Beach employers and employees will reach their economic potential, thereby benefiting the entire community.

UNIDAD's Core Values in operating the Miami Beach Career Center:

SFW core values inform our purpose in operating the Career Center:

  • A commitment to professional customer-driven excellence - valuing customers, employees and partners with a focus on ownership and empowerment.
  • A commitment to providing visionary leadership with a focus on the future;
  • A commitment to integrity and accountability with a focus on results and creating value;

UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc. has operated the Miami Beach Career Center since 2001 and has provided employment-related services for almost 15 years.

The Career Center is equipped with state of the art amenities suitable for all customers, including people with disabilities.

Some of the Center's equipment includes

  • PCs with Internet access and job search programs;
  • office equipment such as printers, faxes, and scanners;
  • assistive technology equipment for people with disabilities, such as modified PCs, scanners, magnifiers..

The Center houses a comfortable conference room that accommodates employer's needs, such as office space to conduct interviews, job fairs, trainings, conferences, mass recruitments and many more events at no charge.

However, employers don't need to visit the Center to obtain workforce services. A highly trained staff could serves as an extension of an employer's human resources department, providing them with pre-screened, pre-qualified job seekers who are ready to work.