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UNIDAD of Miami Beach 2010 Annual Holiday Gift and Toy Program


Each year we all look forward to the joy and sparkle of the Holiday Season. Celebrations, good times with family, spiritual reflection, food, gifts and giving thanks are all a part of our traditions. But during these times of economic downturn, many seniors and needy children in our community may feel that they are left out of these wonderful experiences. To share the wonder of the season with those less fortunate, UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc., along with Standard Parking and the City of Miami Beach Mayor and Commissioners, have provided holiday cheer via the City's largest annual gift delivery program for the past thirteen years. On December 18, 2010, 493 children received gifts!

Needy children from our local schools and child care centers, along with seniors from our programs and area housing projects were invited to participate. Our collective good will and the delight of gift giving shows participants that we care enough to ensure they are not left out of the happiness of the season.

Sponsored by Standard Parking and Mayor Matti Herrera-Bower, with the support from all the City of Miami Beach Commissioners and individual donors, this tradition has made a shining difference in the lives of countless thousands over the years. And you can help to keep this tradition growing! Your spirit of sharing can bring joy and smiles to so many seniors and children. At any time during the year, you may send or bring your donations (unwrapped toys or gifts suitable for seniors) or tax deductible checks made out to UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc. to the Coral Rock House at 1701 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach. If you have any questions, Please Email :

UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc., Board and staff, and all our community partners extend our wishes to you for a healthy and happy 2011!