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UNIDAD of Miami Beach Prepares Youth at Leadership Institute with “Generation Y-Not” Campaign


June 24, 2011

Class of 2011 with their new backpacks!

As part of the 2011 New Generation Youth Leadership & Workforce Institute, UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc. will engage in a collaboration with WLRN in the filming of a documentary entitled, “Generation Y-Not” The documentary will feature present and past youth participants of the Institute, now in its 7th year of operation and funded by the South Florida Workforce Investment Board with support from the City of Miami Beach. UNIDAD designed the Institute in 2005 to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s workforce from all over Miami Dade County.

A documentary, currently being filmed of the institute, will highlight the relevance of Leadership, Social Responsibility & Entrepreneurship training in the workforce and address the drop-out rate of high school students. It will feature the barriers, mishaps and challenges of at-risk youth, and their ability to forge ahead, against all odds, with a “Why Not?” attitude.

The underlying message of the documentary will be to demonstrate that one can have nothing, and succeed, or have it all, and fail. What dictates the result is attitude.

The New Generation Leadership and Workforce Institute (NGLWI) this year is imploring this new generation to live a life of NEVER asking why, but instead, ALWAYS asking “Y-NOT?”

This year, via extensive outreach to the local community, the program has created new synergies of support from organizations like WLRN, VISA, Pollo Tropical, Costco, John Casablanca Academy, Florida Atlantic University, Miami Dade College and even the Jim Moran Institute.

Tia Norfleet, youngest and first
African American NASCAR Driver
Along with these amazing new synergies, this year, NGLWI will have the honor to welcome a pioneer and a living example of “Generation Y-NOT”, Tia Norfleet. This year Ms. Norfleet will be the youngest and first African-American Woman NASCAR Driver. Ms. Norfleet will not only be the keynote speaker for the June 30th Graduation Ceremony, but will also showcase the logos of all NGWLI partners on her NASCAR Race Car, in front of the Miami Beach Convention Center during the Graduation Ceremony.

Leadership Excellence Award

The 2011 Community Leadership Excellence Award will be given to James Loftus, Director of the Miami Dade Police Department. The 2011 Education Excellence Award goes to Dr. Olveen Carrasquillo, Chief of Internal Medicine of University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine.

Click here to read the Leadership Excellence Award

The New Generation program embraces the theology of the great Dale Carnegie, whom years before his time, understood that leadership, is not one's ability to perform, nor one's ability to recite information, but instead, it is one's ability to inspire others to greatness. “Leadership can be experiences in moments, or can be injected into the very essence of life. As we strive to foster greatness within our youth, we know this is only obtainable through helping them appreciate, identify and living a life of leadership”.

With the youngest workforce in almost 100 years and the largest graduating college class in U.S. History in 2009, we understand that being able to impact the workforce by preparing our youth for the ‘new workplace’, a platform for global competitiveness and excellence is not only an asset proposition for our community, but a dire necessity in preparing our nation to also be able to compete globally.

New Generation Participants Hard at Work Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower
addresses New Generation participants